Book Intro

I’ll be honest.  I don’t know what the hell I’m doing here.  I don’t have a clue about how to write a book.  Telling my story is very important to me.

I have to get this out of me. The constant nagging that goes on within me. Tugging at my heart and mind, without ever giving me any peace.  I have to have hope.  I can’t keep running. 

I have been running for 37 years, and in that 37 years of running; I have gotten nowhere. Nowhere but tired.  I have run until I just can’t run anymore. I see myself aging through the years, and through the years the same fight prevails.  The fight between my heart and mind.  My heart wanting peace and love.  My mind wanting to continuously torture me; with nightmares, fear and anxiety. 

I pray that perhaps one person, just one may be able to find peace.

Maybe get the courage to tell their story.  Release themselves from their own twisted and chaotic inner prison.

Stealing the innocence of a child, should be punishable by death.

The loss of our innocence creates a void we spend a lifetime trying to fill.

            We are forever flawed, but given the chance and we can prevail.

Here’s to hope.

God, help me.